About Us

Arriba Mexico Food Company was born in Victoria, British Columbia because we wanted to share the delicious Mexican flavors with Canadians. We wanted to contribute in connecting even more Canada with Mexico through the promotion in international trade and culture.  We really believe that people from both nations are amazing and they have many things to share and build capacities together and for that reason we started our company.

Our Mission
The Arriba Mexico´s mission is sharing real and delicious Mexican flavors that make your life more enjoyable and pleasurable.

The founders

Liliana Perez. She is a passionate of the Mexican Culture and Cuisine. She has learned from her mom and grandmas the real and delicious recipes that she prepares every day at our location. As well, she selected every product that we import carefully looking for keeping the traditions alive. She has not only studied several courses and diplomas about food preparation and restaurant management, but also she hold several certifications related to foods. She holds two bachelor´s degrees, one in accounting and other in computer sciences who allows her to run our company in such a great way.

Juan Navarro. He is a social entrepreneur with vast experience in overall business, international trade, education and other areas. He enjoys working together with local and foreign producers from both nations (Mexico & Canada). He is an active member in the community and also from several business organizations. He enjoys building capacities with others. He holds two master degrees, one in Global Management from Royal Roads University and other in Finance. Check his profile here

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